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Color Services - Services

Base Breaker - $40+ (35 minutes)

Adding color highlights to your roots and face frame to brighten your color between all over services

Color Gloss - $40+ (30 minutes)

This is to seal the cuticle layer, lock in your color and to add shine!

Eyebrow Tint - $10+ (15 minutes)

Give your face new life with a eyebrow color service!

Touch Up - $65+ (35 minutes)

Color is used to cover and blend your root growth.

Base Color - $85+ (35 minutes)

All over color ideal for gray coverage or just to brighten and enrich your natural hair color.

Corrective Color

Services to be determined following consultation.


This service can brighten or give depth to any hair color. You can have a all over highlight or just a few around to face to accent a base color or natural color. Read More...